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17 December 20192019 Christmas Dinner booking form
08 November 2019East Surrey Area Special Interest Morning - Stamford Raffles Booking Form
01 September 2019Autumn Tour - The Opulent Grandeur of Vienna
01 September 2019Autumn Tour to Vienna - Booking Form
10 April 2019Spring Tour - Art and Architecture in Lincolnshire
08 March 2019East Surrey Area Special Interest Morning - Hans Christian Andersen
19 February 2019Agenda 19th February 2019
19 February 2019TASA Approved Accounts 2018
19 February 2019TASA Chairman's Report 2019 AGM
19 February 2019ADFAS AGM Minutes February 2018
11 December 2018Updated Risk Assessments
11 December 2018Updated Health and Safety Policy
11 December 2018Updated Data Protection Policy
01 October 2018Waiting List Registration Form
01 October 2018Waiting List Remain Registration Form
01 October 2018Transfer from WL to Full Form
01 October 2018Membership Application Form
01 October 2018Gift Aid Form
01 October 2018Membership Renewal Form
01 October 2018Renewal Letter
01 October 20182019 Programme and Visits
20 February 2018Updated Cancellation policy
20 February 2018Updated Constitution adopted at AGM as a result of the Society changing its name to The Arts Society Ashtead