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17 July 2018How to Build & Decorate a Greek Temple
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How to Build & Decorate a Greek Temple Dr Stephen Kershaw BA PhD Tuesday 17 July 2018

As a Classics Tutor for Oxford University's Department for Continuing Education, and Professor of History of Art for the European Studies Program of Rhodes College and The University of the South, Steve Kershaw has spent much of the last 30 years travelling extensively in the world of the Greeks and Romans, both physically and intellectually. He has published A Brief Guide to the Greek Myths (Robinson, 2007) and A Brief Guide to Classical Civilization (Robinson, 2010) and is currently working on A Brief Guide to the Roman Empire.

A casual glance down any modern high street will probably provide a reminder of the influence which ancient Greek architecture, and Greek temple architecture in particular, still has. This talk aims to allow the audience quickly to become familiar with the intrinsic qualities of Greek temples. Firstly, by ‘building’ a generic Greek temple we will look at the plan, elevation, ‘orders’, painting, materials, construction methods, functions, and challenges of decoration that these structures pose. Then, through a selection of some of the finest works of world architecture and sculpture, we will see how the ancient Greeks rose to those challenges.