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19 February 2019 AGM followed by - Opera, the melting pot of Culture
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17 September 2019Windsor: A Castle Restored: the fire of 1992 and the restoration
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19 November 2019Italy & the Grand Tour
17 December 2019The Twelve Days of Christmas

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AGM followed by - Opera, the melting pot of Culture Sarah Lenton Tuesday 19 February 2019

Sarah Lenton has spent her working life in the theatre, principally at the Royal Opera House, Glyndebourne and English National Opera. She writes programme articles and websites, she gives lectures on the operas and ballets in the rep. and does live opera broadcasts and podcasts for BBC Radios 3 and 4. She has written and directed many shows, including more than 20 for the Royal Opera House Linbury Studio Theatre and for Glyndebourne Touring Opera. She is also a cartoonist.

This lecture charts opera’s close connection with the society that is paying for it. It moves from the 17th and 18th century preoccupations with princely patronage, classical plots, courtly manners, high voices, enormous costumes and happy endings – through the gear change of war and revolution to the 19th century concerns of nationalism, epic themes and doomed heroines. The lecture is based on years of Sarah writing articles, programme notes, and lecturing for the Royal Opera House and the BBC.