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17 March 2020The Arts & Crafts of Kashmir CANCELLED
18 February 2020Mad Men & Artists: How the Advertising Industry exploited Fine Art
21 January 2020Tapestry - The Ultimate Wall Decoration
17 December 2019Christmas Dinner followed by The Twelve Days of Christmas
19 November 2019Italy & the Grand Tour
15 October 2019At the sign of The Falcon: The life & work of Harry Murphy - Goldsmith, Silversmith & unique Englishman
17 September 2019Windsor: A Castle Restored: the fire of 1992 and the restoration
16 July 2019Australian Rock Art
18 June 2019Architectural Trompe L'Oeil
21 May 2019Photography as Fine Art
16 April 2019Catherine the Great
19 March 2019The Art of Stained Glass
19 February 2019 AGM followed by - Opera, the melting pot of Culture
15 January 2019Manet and his Milieu
18 December 2018CHRISTMAS EVENING EVENT - Dinner followed by - Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh - Why those Gifts?
20 November 2018To mark the Centenary of the Ending of WW1 - War Artists: Paul Nash, CRW Nevinson & The Great War NOTE: Today is also the day of the Members' Exhibition of Arts & Crafts in the Ralli Room
16 October 2018William Hogarth 1697-1764
18 September 2018To Celebrate 50 years of NADFAS/The Arts Society - The Rock'n'Roll Era: Pop Art & The Swinging Sixties
17 July 2018How to Build & Decorate a Greek Temple
19 June 2018Angry Young Men: The Pre-Raphaelites
15 May 2018Betty Joel: Glamour & Innovation in 1930's Design
17 April 2018The Destruction of the Monasteries: the Greatest Act of Artistic Vandalism in English History
20 March 2018The Horse, Modernity & Modern Art: from Stubbs to Mark Wallinger
20 February 2018AGM: followed by - To mark the legislative Centenary - Votes for Women! Art, Suffragettes & female politicians
16 January 2018The Glories of Byzantium
19 December 2017CHRISTMAS EVENING EVENT - Dinner followed by - A History of Christmas cards, Valentines and postcards
21 November 2017Double Dutch: Symbols, Emblems and Double Entendre in Dutch genre painting
17 October 2017Masquerades, Music Lessons and Monkeys
19 September 2017Lost on the Titanic: The Story of the Great Omar Binding
18 July 2017Love and Loss: The Story of Orpheus and Eurydice in art and music
20 June 2017Magic Lanterns to MGM: Art inspired by the Silver Screen
16 May 2017The Spirit of the Industrial Revolution : Joseph Wright of Derby
18 April 2017The Luttrell Psalter
21 March 2017Peru: The Incas and their predecessors seen through their Art and Textiles
21 February 2017AGM: followed by Image & History: Art at the Lansdowne Club
17 January 2017Velazquez and the Golden Age of Spanish painting
09 December 2016CHRISTMAS EVENING EVENT - Dinner followed by - Mrs Beeton's Christmas
15 November 2016Stocking Fillers from Fabergé
18 October 2016The Genius of Raphael
20 September 2016The Founders and Treasures of the Wallace Collection
19 July 2016Posters of the Belle Epoque
21 June 2016Auguste Rodin: The first modern sculptor?
17 May 201618th Century Worcester porcelain
19 April 2016From Leonardo to You: The history of Art & Science
15 March 2016Titian: The First Modern Artist
16 February 2016 AGM: followed by Hans Christian Andersen: wit, artist, traveller; stories, sketches, papercuts, with paintings of the day
19 January 2016Temples, Tombs & Treasures: In search of the Queen of Sheba
11 December 2015CHRISTMAS EVENING EVENT - Dinner followed by - Inn Signia: Pub Signs, the artwork and the stories behind their names
17 November 2015The Great Impressario: Giorgio Vasari
20 October 2015The Scottish Colourists
15 September 2015Tribal Rugs: Treasures of the Black Tent - A journey through the weaving history of the Nomadic Tribes of the Near East, Persia and Central Asia
21 July 2015The Life and Work of Thomas Chippendale
16 June 2015Frank Lloyd Wright
19 May 2015Banqueting Houses and the Banquet 1550-1700
21 April 2015Donatello and the Sculpture of the Renaissance
17 March 2015Three great families and their gardens: The Rothschilds, the Sackville-Wests and the Astors
17 February 2015Painting in Newlyn 1880-1914
20 January 2015Masters of the Ballets Russes: Chagall, Picasso, Matisse
16 December 2014CHRISTMAS EVENING EVENT - Dinner followed by - The Punch and Judy Show: A subversive symbol from Commedia Dell'Arte to the present day
18 November 2014Power, Scandal & Love - A Royal Jewel for every Occasion
21 October 2014Glittering Prizes: The Mosaics of Ravenna
16 September 2014The Collections of Isaac & Moise de Camondo: from Constantinople to Paris & the Parc Monceau
19 August 2014Summer Break - no lecture in August
15 July 2014The Drama Behind the Taj Mahal: The Life and Times of the Indian Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan
17 June 2014Behind the London Livery Companies: Objects & Stories
20 May 2014Literary Venice: A British Love Affair
15 April 2014St George: Patron Saint, Knight & Martyr
18 March 2014Gertrude Jekyll: Artist & Gardener
18 February 2014Flora and Fauna in Pottery and Porcelain
21 January 2014British Neo-Romantics
17 December 2013The Fascinating World of Playing Cards
19 November 2013Palladio and the British Palladians
15 October 2013Paintings inspired by music and music inspired by paintings
17 September 2013Pevsner and Betjeman
16 July 2013Kew Palace
18 June 2013The genius of Antonio Stradivari
21 May 2013Like Mother Like Son – the lives and work of SuzanneValadon and Maurice Utrillo
16 April 2013Machu Picchu: The great citadel of the Incas – beauty and mystery
19 March 2013From Church Bells to Longitude
19 February 2013From Phaetons to Phantoms: 100 years of coachbuilding
15 January 2013Windows on another world: the paintings of Jan van Eyck
18 December 2012Wonder Workers and the art of illusion (The history of magic through art)
20 November 2012With just a needle and thread – a look at embroidery techniques through history
16 October 2012Rescuing Zeugma from the Floodwaters of the Euphrates
18 September 2012Murder and Modernism – Walter Sickert and The Camden Town Group
17 July 2012G.F.Watts and The Watts Gallery
19 June 2012Emma, Lady Hamilton: Scandal, Celebrity and Art in 18th Century Britain
15 May 2012Hand Grenades like Cartier Clips - the life of Lee Miller
17 April 2012William Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement
09 December 2011Christmas Evening Event – Dinner followed by “Art inspired by Wine”
15 November 2011“All done on Ginger Beer” – the creation of the ENO, The Royal Ballet and the National Theatre by Lillian Baylis at the Old Vic
18 October 2011Fakes and Forgeries – the Art of Deception
20 September 2011Stubbs – England’s Leonardo?
16 August 2011The Life and Times of a Sundial – civilisations most enduring timekeeper
19 July 2011The Art & Architecture of Dresden
21 June 2011Canova’s Sculpture – “formed by kisses and caresses”
17 May 2011English Caricature from Hogarth to Punch
19 April 2011A Medieval Masterpiece – the Hotel Dieu at Beaune –
15 March 2011Jane Austen letters – life and lesser known words
15 February 2011AGM (members only) – Augustus John & Gwen John
18 January 2011Bars, Bedsits & Bordellos – the low life of ancient Pompeii

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The Arts & Crafts of Kashmir CANCELLED Zara Fleming Tuesday 17 March 2020

For many people, Kashmir conjures up a beautiful valley surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, for others it is a land of conflict. But what is less well known is that it has been of historic artistic importance for nearly 2000 years. This lecture introduces the astonishing diversity of arts and crafts produced in this tiny area, influenced by Buddhist, Hindu and Islamic cultures.  It explores Buddhist sculptures, Hindu temples, great Islamic gardens, paintings, calligraphy, Moghul carpets and Kashmir shawls. Despite its troubled history, Kashmir has fostered a unique environment of artistic diversity and religious co-existence.


Zara Fleming is a freelance lecturer, art consultant and exhibition curator, specialising in the art and culture of Tibet, the Himalayan areas and Mongolia. She was initially based at the V&A, but has also worked with the Central Asian Department of Bonn University, the Orient Foundation, the Royal Academy, Tibet House, the National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside and Asia House. In addition to lecturing for The Arts Society, Zara lectures for museums, universities, Asian art societies, and private associations. Additionally a guest lecturer and tour guide on numerous trips to the Himalayas, Zara edited Masterpieces of Mongolian Art: Vol 1 and has published many articles in the field of Buddhist art and culture.