Young Arts provides children and young people with exciting opportunities to become involved in creative arts activities.  We encourage and support Young Arts projects undertaken by local schools, colleges and youth groups. In our work with young people we aim to build a lasting enthusiasm for the arts and an awareness of arts heritage and its conservation.

 In 2017 ADFAS - as it then was - donated funds to The Greville Primary School, enabling them to improve and add to their woodland area. The art club designed and made signs, each with storybook language and colourful pictures to help spark imagination and storytelling while the children are in the woodland walk.

In February 2018 a whole-school ceramics project based on Noah and his wife with the animals from the Ark was completed at St Giles Church of England Infants School, Ashtead. The Society’s Young Arts Representative, Angie Child, went into the school for a day and a half and each of the 100 pupils made Noah and his wife and many animals which were glazed and fired in Angie’s own kiln. The Noah’s Ark project was put on display in the main entrance to the school for visitors and parents to view.

St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School Ashtead Young Arts project 2018 - Angie spent a day and a half with pupils at St Peter’s school designing and making commemorative plaques, the patron saints and their mission statement in clay. These clay objects were then painted with coloured slips before being glazed and fired in her kiln. This 70th Anniversary project was a great success and consequently residual monies from the Young Arts fund were given to the school to buy air-dried clay for all pupils to make a design on the same theme with their class teachers.

What’s happening in 2019?

In 2019 The Arts Society Ashtead is pleased to be supporting Young Arts projects at two Ashtead schools. In early February, Young Arts Representative Angie Child will co-ordinate and be present at Barnett Wood Infants School for the design and making of a whole-school ceramics project based on bees. Apparently, Barnett Wood has a long bee-related history and Norma Penny, the Head Teacher, is keen to pursue it further into this ceramics project. Therefore, many bees will be designed and made during February. Each child will make, paint, and in due course take home to keep, a ceramic bee. These will be fired in Angie’s kiln and returned to the school, glazed and ready for display.

In March, Angie will co-ordinate and be present at West Ashtead Primary School on another whole-school project; this time to design and make a permanent mosaic to be attached to the outside wall of the school.

 The Arts Society Ashtead is pleased to fund the materials and firing for all these projects.

To see some of the wonderful work produced by the children involved in these projects go to the Young Arts page on the Gallery tab.