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08 November 2019East Surrey Area Special Interest morning - Sir Stamford Raffles - Art Collector & Discoverer of Singapore
01 October 2019Enigmatic Art: Famous paintings that keep us guessing
08 March 2019Hans Christian Andersen - Wit, Artist, Traveller: East Surrey Area Special Interest Morning
15 November 2018A Family Affair: Florence & the House of Medici
09 March 2018East Surrey Area Special Interest morning - The Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration
08 March 2018The Arts of Japan & Europe: Fascinating parallels and contrasts throughout History
10 November 2017East Surrey Area Special Interest morning - Tyrants and Martyrs of Imperial Russia: A history of the Romanov dynasty from Catherine the Great to Nicholas II
10 May 2017Ashtead DFAS Special Interest Day - Silver & Social Custom (plus identification session)
11 October 2016Designed for Wearing: Jewellery in the 20th Century
24 February 2015Ashtead DFAS Special Interest Morning: Life & Art in Georgian Dublin. Ralli Room, Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall 10.30am-1pm
29 October 2013Michelango (commemorating the 450th anniversary of his death)

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East Surrey Area Special Interest morning -
Sir Stamford Raffles - Art Collector & Discoverer of Singapore
Denise Heywood Friday 08 November 2019

Sir Stamford Raffles, his surname more closely linked with a luxury hotel rather than what is regarded as the greatest Buddhist temple in the world, Borobudur, was the enlightened colonial administrator of Java. In 1814, he discovered the 8th century temple hidden under volcanic ash, acquired wondrous artefacts from Indonesia such as shadow puppets, sculptures and textiles, now in the British Museum, and founded Singapore, the most important port in the East. This year marks the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Singapore.

This Special Interest Morning tells the story of Raffles, a scholar and polymath. It reveals mystical Borobudur and its radiant narrative carvings, shows the architectural heritage of Singapore, inspired by his vision, with botanical gardens, historic shophouses and Victorian architecture. It concludes with Raffles’ return to London and reflects on his legacy.

Lecturer: Denise Heywood is an art historian, author, lecturer, photographer and journalist. She worked in Cambodia for three years in the 1990s and has been a scholar of Southeast Asian art ever since. Her books include Ancient Luang Prabang, also in French, and another on Cambodian Dance Celebration of the Gods, with a foreword by Princess Buppha Devi, daughter of King Sihanouk.

Now based in London, she is a lecturer for The Arts Society, The Art Fund and The School of Oriental and African Studies. She has lectured all over Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, South Africa and Europe at universities, colleges, schools, travel societies and art institutions ranging from The Courtauld Institute to The British Museum, The National Trust and The Royal Geographical Society.

She writes for many art, literary and travel publications, has appeared on television and radio, leads art tours to Southeast Asia and Europe and lectures on cruise ships.

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